The following forms are for your reference and use.

You may wish to print the "Class Observation Form" before you are observed so that you know what feedback to expect.

ClickHereBttn for the "Class Observation Form"

Sometimes, FYC instructors wish to share and examine student work to strengthen their teaching practices or to provide models for their students. The following form allows you to garner student consent for instructional use of their work. Keep in mind this is for instructional purposes only, not for research purposes. If you are needing to gather student data for research purposes, contact the IRB office (@ to seek permission.

ClickHereBttn for the "Consent to use Student Work Form"


The Academic Letterhead, if needed, is found on your Canvas Dashboard under "Front Office Department of English."

  • Click on "Modules" and scroll down to "Electronic Letterhead."

You will see everything you need right there.