How do I get an O-Key Account?

An O-Key (Orange Key) Account is your access to e-mail and banner at OSU.  For new lecturers or VAPs, you’ll need to check with the English Department secretary to insure that your information has been submitted and a request for an account has been made for you.  Please note that it usually takes longer for a new account to be activated for non-students. For new OSU graduate students, O-Key accounts are set up automatically upon enrollment.  To check to see if your account has been activated and to subsequently access the account, go to http://okey.okstate.edu and follow the online wizard to setup your information and account.

If you have any difficulties using the O-Key System, contact the IT Help Desk at:  405-744-4357 or helpdesk@okstate.edu for more information.

How do I get an ID Card?

To get a student ID card, visit the ID Card Services office in 113 Math Sciences.

How do I get a Parking Pass?

Parking passes can be purchased online for a limited time during the summer.  They can also be purchased in person in 104 USDA Building.  For more information on ordering parking Services passes online and an overview of OSU’s parking policies visit the OSU Parking and Transit website. 

How do I sign up for Complist?

To be added to Complist, you need to e-mail the Composition Webmaster. This can be accessed on the Composition website home page. 

How do I e-mail Complist?

Send your email to: OSU-Complist@listserv.okstate.edu. Please note: if you reply to a message sent through Complist, it will send your reply to everyone on Complist. In general, you should not reply to messages sent via Complist, but instead should compose a new e-mail to the person you wish to contact.

What is Banner, and how do I access it?

Banner is your portal for most things are Oklahoma State University. Navigate to my.okstate.edu and log in with your O-Key. You can use it to access your Online Classroom, Faculty Self Service (where you will find information related to your pay and employment), and the Star System (which you will use to issue academic alerts).

Parking Maps & Bus Routes

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