ENGL 1113 — Composition 1

At Oklahoma State University, we use an outcomes based approach to the teaching of composition. Our program outcomes are loosely derived from the Council of Writing Progam Administrator's Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition. Our outcomes articulate what we want our students to know and to do by the end of each course.

English 1113 Outcomes

By the end of English 1113, all students will:

  • Narrate an event or series of events in which they describe settings, utilize descriptive/sensory details, and suggest a main point to the narrative through such details.
  • Report information through the use of primary research in which they shape their topic for a specific audience, define key terms, incorporate credible research accurately, and shape that information in ways that are rhetorically appropriate for their audience with respect to tone, organization, style, etc.
  • Analyze a written/textual product and utilize evidence from that analysis to answer a specific inquiry question about that product using insights derived from the analysis.
  • Evaluate a written/textual product in which they apply rhetorically appropriate evaluative criteria to their review of the product in order to provide their audience with relevant information about the subject of their evaluation.
  • Draft, revise, and edit multiple drafts of writing in various genres to produce textual products that are rhetorically effective with respect to considerations such as organization, style, tone, grammar and mechanics, etc.


Lunsford, Andrea, et al. Everyone's an Author: with Readings. 2nd ed. New York: Norton, 2016.

Note: The textbook is automatically added to Canvas as an ebook. Students will be direct billed.

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Sample Syllabi

Assignment Sequence & Samples

 Writing a Narrative 


 Writing with Primary Research


 Analyzing Writing


 Evaluating Writing

Final Exam: Reflective Writing (No more than 5% of total course grade)

Instructors must hold a final evaluative experience during the final exam time scheduled by the university. Instructors may determine the nature and form of this exam at their own discretion. Previous instructors have used such forms as reading exams, timed writing, and presentations.