Policies and Procedures


University Policies

Full university policies can be found here (dated August 7, 2019, but applicable through Spring 2020).

The 2019-2020 syllabus attachment can be found here.

Program Policies as of Spring 2020 (PDF)

Program Policies 

The program handbook contains a full list of instructor rights and responsibilities. All instructors in the program should be aware of these each year they teach in the program. Additionally, make sure to include the following policies verbatim on your syllabus:

Dates from the Registrar

Classes begin January 13. The nonrestrictive drop/add deadline is January 21. The restrictive drop/add deadline is January 24. The instructor must sign your add card, so give yourself sufficient time to find the instructor prior to the deadline; however, the instructor is not required to allow you late entry into the course, nor does his or her signature guarantee you a seat. Composition courses are never over-enrolled, nor are seats held for individuals. The W drop/withdraw deadline is April 10. The W/F withdraw deadline is April 24. Class work ends May 1. For more information: http://registrar.okstate.edu/Academic-Calendar.

Students with Disabilities

If you think you have a qualified disability and need special accommodations for this course, you should notify your instructor and request verification of eligibility for accommodations from the Office of Student Disability Services (315 Student Union) as soon as possible. Accommodations for disabilities cannot be made until the instructor receives a verification letter from the SDS office, and accommodations cannot be made retroactively for assignments already completed or absences already accrued. For more information, call 405-744-7116 or go to http://sds.okstate.edu


You are expected to be present every day your class meets, but we do allow a specific number of absences without penalty for unavoidable circumstances that may occur. Absences beyond the limit are considered excessive and result in grade reductions. Students are excused without penalty in the case of jury duty, mandatory military service, required court appearances, university-sanctioned activities, and activities required for classes or scholarships. University-sanctioned activities include a student athlete's participation in official athletic events for Oklahoma State University. (Greek life activities, on the other hand, would not be included.) However, student athletes are still expected to turn in all assignments on time and to make up work as needed within a timeframe agreed on by instructor and student. No other absences will be considered excused, including absences due to illnesses, doctor's appointments, and emergencies. Reductions will be taken on a percentage basis from the total number of points possible in the course. Students are expected to arrive in class on time in order to be counted present. Requests for exemption from this policy must be made in writing to the Program Director. However, exemptions are extremely rare and have been granted only for the most extraordinary circumstances.

 Tues/ Thurs or Mon/ Wed classes: 4 absences without automatic grade reduction, 5 absences = a final grade reduction of 7.5% of the total points possible for the course, 6 absences = a final grade reduction of 15%, and 7 or more absences = failure of the course.

 Mon/Wed/Fri classes: 6 absences without automatic grade reduction, 7 absences = a final grade reduction of 5% of the total points possible for the course, 8 absences = a final grade reduction of 10%, 9 absences = a final grade reduction of 15%, and 10 or more absences = failure of the course.

Missed in-class work

Students absent for university-sponsored activities (which do not include social or Greek-sponsored activities, clubs, or intramural athletics) or mandatory military service may make up work missed due to such absence. Other policies regarding missed in-class work are at the discretion of the instructor.

Late work

Grades of work defined as "late" (coming in after established due date and time) will be reduced by 5% of the total points possible for the assignment each day it is late. Instructors may determine if this policy includes drafts and how weekends will be counted toward the grade reduction. Instructors may reduce the grade on a paper by up to 5% if a conference or peer editing session is missed.

Missing Work

You must complete all required drafts and all final copies of the four major papers in order to receive credit for the course.


According to University Policy, plagiarism is “presenting the written, published or creative work of another as the student's own work. Whenever the student uses wording, arguments, data, design, etc., belonging to someone else in a paper, report, oral presentation, or other assignment, the student must make this fact explicitly clear by correctly citing the appropriate references or sources. The student must fully indicate the extent to which any part or parts of the project are attributed to others. The student must also provide citations for paraphrased materials. ” Plagiarism can result in failure of the course or suspension from the University. For more information, see the policies listed at http://academicintegrity.okstate.edu.



Avoiding Plagiarism 

College can be a demanding and stressful environment, which may make meeting the requirements of an assignment difficult at times. If you are having difficulty completing an assignment, meeting with your instructor and visiting the Writing Center are very productive ways to get back on track. Seeking help from Student Disability Services and from University Counseling Services can be very beneficial as well, depending on your needs. Regardless of where you seek assistance, it is always better to communicate with your instructor when you realize you are having trouble completing rather than copying someone else's work. Submitting your own work is not only a better choice ethically, but you will get more out of the course and grow more as a writer if you do.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a resource for all students, staff, and faculty, not just those who feel that they struggle with writing. Clients are encouraged to make appointments with consultants for any paper for additional feedback. Clients can come with questions about existing drafts or come for brainstorming help when they have difficulty starting a paper. At times throughout the semester, instructors may suggest that clients visit the Writing Center for additional assistance.

When visiting the Writing Center, it is best to make an appointment in advance, especially during midterms or finals week. For example, if a draft of a paper is due on Friday, clients should call on Monday to set up an appointment for Wednesday or Thursday. Basically - plan ahead.

The Writing Center is a useful resource, but it is not a proofreading/editing service and it cannot guarantee any specific grade on a completed paper. Instead of simply proofreading or editing, the goal of the Writing Center is to provide tools that enable students to revise, edit, and proofread their own work. This can be extremely beneficial if students are properly prepared and know what to expect.

Students will need to bring the following items to their scheduled consultations:

  • The assignment sheet provided by the instructor
  • Any rough drafts, prewriting, or process materials
  • Any pertinent instructor comments
  • Specific questions for the consultant

Please visit the Writing Center 's website for information on locations and hours: http://osuwritingcenter.okstate.edu/.